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Welcome to the page that I call Home.
Well.. in context of this blog it’s my “home”.
But anyways, my name is Jared Connelie. I love music and how it’s existence has changed the world. I think it’s pretty cool to see and think about how music itself has changed, and how it’s changed people. Being a musician is one thing, but being a music analyst and audio technician is another, and that’s what I hope to do for a career in the future. Coming from various musical backgrounds, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to help me along my way through completing this program. I am also interested in learning about the world and all of the sound and music within it, and seeing what “makes music” in other cultures. This class will definitely be of help in the future, and hope to gain a lot from it through this Ethnomusicology class! Thanks for checking out my page.


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